QTP Virtual Objects

Most of QTP users are very familiar with Virtual Objects because it solves unrecognized application objects problem. Sometime we work with those applications that have different types of objects but tool does not recognize and support those objects as object. So for this kind of problem every successful tool provides the facility to recognize thoseContinue reading “QTP Virtual Objects”

QTP Testing Framework

To start the testing with QTP, there is an important concept to understand i.e. framework. Frameworks basically define the way to handle the different operations in different methods. As we all known we can create the test in two ways in QTP i.e. by recording and by scripting. We should also know that how weContinue reading “QTP Testing Framework”

Quality Center-9.2

There are five major modules which are used to organize and manage the test project. Releases Requirements Test Plan Test Lab Defects In Quality Center, these are the phases for any test projects. Releases For the Releases module, there are two main terms that is- Release Cycle Release- Release represents a group of changes inContinue reading “Quality Center-9.2”

Data Driven Testing using Silk Test.

While using Silk Test I was unable to find any easy steps to do data driven through excel files. I read some documents also but I was not able to find any useful result. May be I was novice and not able to understand but I’m still sure, that documents were not delivering easy stepsContinue reading “Data Driven Testing using Silk Test.”


I am lucky that I attended the FOSS.IN third time. FOSS.IN is India largest Free Open Source Software event that used to bringing all loved one of Open Source. This time we moved one step ahead and discussed about one of our project Ajuby in BOF. BOF means Birds of Feather and in term ofContinue reading “FOSS.IN, BOF, and SAHI”

“Sleep” statement in Watir

When you perform testing through any automation testing tool then you also want to see that how your application works with that but it’s not possible with tools. Because mostly all tools are working in milliseconds that’s why we are not able to see real time functions. For this requirement most testing tools uses “wait”Continue reading ““Sleep” statement in Watir”

How to write test script in Watir

With the Watir testing tool one thing is very necessary that you must have some programming knowledge because Watir is not based on recording and playback concept. In Watir every script is written by tester before running it. If you want to test your web application by Watir then do one thing, open that pageContinue reading “How to write test script in Watir”