Testing On Joomla!

11.jpgToday I had no other work in my office for me so I thought that I should test any open source software. So I have followed instruction of openapp.org blog and installed one of the open source content management Joomla. I didn't have any idea about Joomla functionality that's why I'm just going through all link and tabs and trying to feel Joomla front look. I opened Joomla in both IE and Firefox. After going through some links and tabs, I found that Joomla have good UI. But like all applications it has some UI differences. Like when you go through Registration page there it shows some text boxes. I found that these text boxes are not aligned. This happens in IE browser. In this application I found some functional errors like when I go through “Contact” page, there it shows “Send an Email to this contact” block. Through this block user can send himself ID and message. According to my point of view if user leaves any field blank it should throw error and I found that it was happening. But there is some mismatch like when user enters Email ID in this format abc@abc.c, www.abc@abc.com. It gets delivered. According to my point of view it should throw error that “Please use correct Email ID”. I think written function for this functionality only compares with “@” and “.com” word. It doesn't matter that what word you use for starting the email id. There is one more mismatch that according to usability after sending message, confirmation message should show up of “Send an Email to this contact” but it's visible up of header and simple format not a bold format. Hey I'm discussing one more thing when you use this type of Email ID “abc@abc.” browser alerts you for the incorrect email id at that time the theme settings gets distorted.