New Company, New People, New Experience and Some Old Memories

This is good feeling to leave old space and come in new space because it gives more pleasure to achieve new milestone but it gives some bad feeling also because of some memories which are related with your old space. May be all peoples are not thinking like that but for me it’s true. Because I have learnt lot personally and professionally from my past and I can’t put curtain on that stuffs and efforts which were given by others on me.


Here I’m going to write about that feelings and memories which were started from my first company to this new challenge.


When I was entering in my new space, my last steps which was leaving from my previous space, said that “Go Dude and break your new challenge”. This word has given me more courage and pushed me in new environment. There were everyone unknown and unrecognized by me and off course, they don’t know me also. Hope so one day they will recognize me and my efforts.


It was the dream comes true when I was taken my place in my new company. Team Leader had come and said that “Hi I’m Sudheer and I’ll go to lead you guys”. He was arranged all the stuffs for me and for some more new jonnies. It is big cubicle where I’m sitting with three more members. They have provided all the stuffs which are required for cubicle and company.


System Admin has furnished all the things, from system login ID to all necessary access and software in my system. When I was sited there, everything was going again in my mind that how to sit, how to behave, how to talk, how to present yourself and so many things which I was learnt through different peoples and different situations. Over all the things are fine and giving me more happiness to achieve it.


First day in the Qwest, I missed all the things which I got through Apptility and Apptilitians. It was great, when I was written my first mail to my PM, I heard again Avinash’s voice in my ear that “Learn man, How to write mail and if you got then you can survive any orgnizations”. That was the great session. Thanks! Avinash for all the helps and words which you have given me. Nowadays everything is going again in my mind whether that Mr. Brij suggestions, instructions and Moses, Rahul, Abhishek, Amit, Abinaya, Prethesh and Sanjay tips. All the things are giving me more courage.

These are the peoples who have given me more exposure, knowledge and experience of life, which I am going to use here. Thanks to all.

New way to use Social Networking Applications

New way has come to use the social networking sites that is Open Social. Few years before we were using social networking application in different browsers but now with the help of Open Social we can use different networking application from one place.

This concept is notified by Google in 2007. Basically Open Social is set of API for Web Based Application, that is used to integrate different applications in one place.

Nowadays it is very hot topic in every open source developers, specially for PHP developers because it is adding some more glitters in their resume. It is good sign for marketing of networking application also because marketing time is going tough to convince any user for any networking application. Market is over crowded with networking application as mushrooms. Every day one new networking application is coming in and users also got fed up that which one is useful or which is not?

Here Open Social is giving some push to networking applications because it is applying eye to eye marketing like mouth to mouth. Suppose if you are seeing your friend profile and he is using his favorites social networking application from one place, it will make some itch in your hand to add your favorites profiles in one place. Through this process you will go through different applications and add them according to your likes and interest. So no need to tell every users to use my great application. Only need to convince single user after that see the effect of eye-to-eye marketing.

Open social is giving happinesses to all Users, Developers, and Companies…

man Command

“man” command is a very useful command of Unix. It’s abbreviation of “manual”. Actually in Unix man command used to display the manual of any command. In Unix every command has independent existence and file of every command stored in certain directory. These files contains programs which are written in C. So after running this command it will display all the information about particular command.

“man” command display the manual page which is divided into a number of compulsory and optional sections. Every command does not have all the sections but the first three sections generally come in all man pages. These sections are-

  • Name
  • Synopsis
  • Description

Name:- Name section contains one line introduction about the command. It displays the what is the command and what is the use of it?

Synopsis:- This section shows the syntax and arguments used by the command. It tells that characteristic of command and how it will be used.

Description:- Description is nothing but details description of particular command. Often it is the largest section of any command.

The Synopsis section has some convention and rules which is useful for every users like

  • If command argument is closed with the rectangular brackets then it’s not required arguments, otherwise argument is not required.
  • A set of three dots (chap…) indicates that there can be more arguments of the preceding word.
  • The pipe | indicates that only one of the options shown on the either side of pipe can be used.

There are also some other sections like Options, Operands, Usage, Exit Status and etc.

Maybe it will be useful for beginner but I have post it only for my knowledge base.

Vi Editor

While running through Unix I felt that Vi editor is the very powerful editor in comparison to others and have capability to handle any type of file. It’s same as any other text editor but having some powerful features. Vi editor is written by Bill Joy in 1976 for BSD system. It comes with every Unix system. Vi editor is very and first step to learn Shell Script, generally we write our script in same. To find the Vi editor in Unix, you just go through terminal (In windows, we call it Command Prompt but in Unix we call it Terminal) and type Vi and hit enter. It will open the Vi editor. It is having 3 main modes

  • Command Mode
  • Input Mode
  • Last Line Mode

The default mode of Vi editor which accept any text as a command called as Command Mode. To come in Input mode from command mode you should press “i” key first. It will change Vi command mode to Input mode. Every key pressed after switching to Input mode actually shows up as text. We are writing shell script in Input mode. We used Esc key to take this mode to Command Mode. Last line mode is used to handle files like for saving and perform substitution. Pressing a colon (:) in the Command Mode invokes this mode.

This is the very basic things about Vi editor but I think it is also useful for beginner. Here you can find some useful command of VI editor

Thinking for shell scripting? Start with Unix

To achieve a target/goal, directions and instructions plays very vital role for your success. As I’ve written in my previous post that I’ve started learning shell programming. So I am preferring two books for that; one is Unix Shell Programming and one book of Sumitabha Das. I have started through Sumitabha Das but afterward I shifted over to Unix Shell Programming book. After reading couple of chapters, I directly jumped to shell programming chapter and started reading the programing tact. I thought that after finishing this I will be able to write some script. But I was wrong; came to know through one my friend who practiced linux system administration in Satyam. He suggested that basic is first brick of any strong building so first learn unix and after that learn shell scripting. It will give you robust start in shell programming. So now I’ve totally focused on Unix.

“In your way one instruction and direction can change everything”

Learn=>Achieve=>Learn…and it goes on

In life, the learning process should be aggressive as aggression leads to success. This makes your life refreshing every moment of time. To achieve the continuous learning we have to do lots of hard work but sometime we fail because of the way of doing . Sometimes your friends and caretakers, help to select the right way and point you what is right or wrong. Today I am in QA field and doing well but I did not select this field. I came to know about this very exciting and great field after joining here and start my career. But didn’t know how to do the right things. But I asked to everybody who were related or know this field and everybody helped me and gave valuable suggestions. I followed them and made my way. After reaching to this point, now I am again digging to learn new things. Now I set the goal for Certification in testing and learn about other OS instead of Windows. I think it will brush me and give new shine in my life. Oh! I forgot to tell that these words I got from those, who love and care me.
I will definitely do this 🙂

I am @ FOSS.IN

At FOSS.IN/2007 with all the gadgets


BOF on Ajuby displayed on board




Me with Moses- the open source evangelist


Me with Shruti attending the talk


Thinking something for


It’s time to grab a cup of coffee with couple of biscuits.


Team Ajuby in FOSS.IN/2007 (from L to R): Moses, Sanjay and Me giving a head on debate to a guy from Sun Microsystem


Moses giving demonstration on Ajuby at FOSS.IN/2007 to the folks interested in RoR


Ahead of all the open source companies(obviously the ahead of display board …hehe 🙂


The next one little bit closer


At the IISc canteen waiting for the snacks to come.