Interview Questions of LoadRunner

What’s the LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is Mercury Interactive Load Testing tool.

What’s the LoadRunner Components?

LoadRunner have the five components-

  • Vuser Generator
  • Controller
  • Load Generator
  • Luncher
  • Analysis

What’s the Vuser Generator?

It captures the end user processes and generated the automated performance testing script.

What’s the Controller?

It organize, drive, manage, and monitor the load test.

What’s the Load Generator?

It generates the load by running the vusers.

What’s the Luncher?

It provides single point of access for all load runner components.

What’s the Analysis?

It helps you to view and analyze the performance results.

What’s the Scenario?

Scenario is a file that contains the events that occurs during each testing sessions.

What’s the Vuser?

In Scenario, LoadRunner replaces human user with Virtual User or Vuser. Vuser emulates the human action working with your application. Read more