Integration of GitHub with Jenkins

GitHub and Jenkins Integration on Windows 10 Here I am going to list down the steps which basically helps to any person who is trying to setup GitHub and Jenkins on Window 10 environment very first time- In this integration, very first thing is you should have access to GitHub or you should create aContinue reading “Integration of GitHub with Jenkins”

How to run Orchestrator Runbook using PowerShell?

Over the web many people have written already how to achieve it using PowerShell or WebService. My attempt is just to club all required pieces and simplifies for any newbie who is attempting it first time. Alright, we need Runbook Server Name, Runbook Id, and RunBook Parameters GUIDs to invoke any runbook using PowerShell. HereContinue reading “How to run Orchestrator Runbook using PowerShell?”

How to update app.config file using PowerShell?

Below code will help to update app.config file with given data- #It helps to connect db and get the data. $HostName = $env:computername $connectionstring = ‘Server=XX.XX.XX.XX;Database=TestDataBase;User Id=VM;Password=VMTest;MultipleActiveResultSets=True’ $connection = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection $connection.ConnectionString = $connectionString $connection.Open() $query = “SELECT [Params].value(‘(/root//Version/node())[1]’, ‘nvarchar(max)’) as FirstName from Request where [Params].value(‘(/root//Name/node())[1]’, ‘nvarchar(max)’) = ‘”+$HostName+”‘” $command = $connection.CreateCommand() $command.CommandText = $queryContinue reading “How to update app.config file using PowerShell?”

How to convert PowerShell Object to a String?

Alike any other languages, PowerShell script also supports conversion of an object to a string for many kinds of manipulations. In my course of actions, I have come across two ways which help to convert Object to a string very easily. Out-String $string = Get-CimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object {$_.Version} | Out-String %{$_.Version} $string = Get-CimInstanceContinue reading “How to convert PowerShell Object to a String?”

How to create Windows 10 VM Template in SCVMM

A VM template is a master copy which we use to deploy multiple VM with our defined¬† base setup. Usually, creating VM template using System Center Virtual Machine Manager is pretty staraight forword however once it comes for Windows 10 then there is different scene- “SysPrep Failed” error. It comes everytime whenever I tried toContinue reading “How to create Windows 10 VM Template in SCVMM”

PowerShell Get-ChildItem -Include, -Exclude, and -Recurse parameters

‘Get-ChildItem’ cmdlet gets you the contents of any given path and then you can perform your next desired actions on them. In my case, I have to get into the particular folder and need to find out all exe and msi files to install in the system. Usually when we get into any folder thereContinue reading “PowerShell Get-ChildItem -Include, -Exclude, and -Recurse parameters”

How to integrate System Center Service Manager with Orchestrator

The Service Manager is used to give organizations a single, integrated platform to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS). There are around six major components under System Center Service Manager and we are using Service Manager Console to integrate System Orchestrator to Service Manager. To integrate System Center orchestrator to service manager, there are fiveContinue reading “How to integrate System Center Service Manager with Orchestrator”

How to create VM checkpoints using Orchestrator Runbook

Well, if anyone googled “How to create VM checkpoints using Orchestrator Runbook” that gives feeling person who searched this term is new with Orchestrator Runbook concept however he/she is aware about Virtualization, Checkpoints, and PowerShell and now he/she wanted to move a step forward to do the same with System Center. Alright, before going intoContinue reading “How to create VM checkpoints using Orchestrator Runbook”

Disable and Enable Features Using Dism

Dism- Deployment Image Servicing and Management used to service a windows image (.wim) or a virtual hard disk. It can be also used to enable and disable features in windows. Start the cmd as administrator and supply below commands- #It gives the list of all features C:Windows\system32>Dism /online /Get-Features #It enable the feature C:Windows\system32>Dism /onlineContinue reading “Disable and Enable Features Using Dism”

Reading and Writing Text File using PowerShell

Here I am listing some of the common cmdlets which help to operate with text file- How to create text file using PowerShell? New-Item <File Path> How to open text file or any folder sturcture using PowerShell? Invoke-Item <File Path> How to add or append contents in text file using PowerShell? Add-Content <File Path> TextContinue reading “Reading and Writing Text File using PowerShell”