How to create Windows 10 VM Template in SCVMM

A VM template is a master copy which we use to deploy multiple VM with our definedĀ  base setup. Usually, creating VM template using System Center Virtual Machine Manager is pretty staraight forword however once it comes for Windows 10 then there is different scene- “SysPrep Failed” error. It comes everytime whenever I tried toContinue reading “How to create Windows 10 VM Template in SCVMM”

PowerShell Get-ChildItem -Include, -Exclude, and -Recurse parameters

‘Get-ChildItem’ cmdlet gets you the contents of any given path and then you can perform your next desired actions on them. In my case, I have to get into the particular folder and need to find out all exe and msi files to install in the system. Usually when we get into any folder thereContinue reading “PowerShell Get-ChildItem -Include, -Exclude, and -Recurse parameters”

How to integrate System Center Service Manager with Orchestrator

The Service Manager is used to give organizations a single, integrated platform to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS). There are around six major components under System Center Service Manager and we are using Service Manager Console to integrate System Orchestrator to Service Manager. To integrate System Center orchestrator to service manager, there are fiveContinue reading “How to integrate System Center Service Manager with Orchestrator”