Significance of alwaysRun=true @Test annotation property.

alwaysRun=true property informs the system that TestNg should run the test method if depends on @Test method fails also. Basically it helps to achieve the soft dependency, the feature of TestNG which helps to execute the testng test methods in order. Below is the code example: So above code states that system will execute theContinue reading “Significance of alwaysRun=true @Test annotation property.”

How to Launch Chrome browser with Selenium WebDriver?

Before thinking how we can run the our application on Chrome browser, download the ChromeDriver from here. To lunch chrome browser with Selenium Webdriver takes less than a minute and 3┬álines of code. So here we go- System.setProperty(“”, “D:\\Chrome_Driver\\chromedriver.exe”); WebDriver driver=new ChromeDriver(); driver.get(“”);

How to compare two PDF files with ITextSharp and C#

I have struggled lot to compare two PDF files and display the differences. Finally I came with approach where I am extracting all the text from PDF files, splitting by lines, comparing line by line and showing the differences. So if you have same kind of requirement, you can use below code to resolve it.Continue reading “How to compare two PDF files with ITextSharp and C#”