Cross Browser Testing using CodedUI Test

Before starting this topic I would like to clear in beginning that Visual Studio 2013 uses Selenium WebDriver component to achieve cross browser testing as of now.

So to integrate WebDriver component with Visual Studio follow below given steps-

Start the Visual Studio and go to Tools menu and click on Extensions and Updates…


System will open Extensions and Updates window. Make sure you are in Online section. Search the ‘Selenium Component’ and download the same.


It will download the .msi file.


Install it on running machine.


Once you installed it, it keeps all the dll and files in below location-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VSTT\Cross Browser Selenium Components


Now restart the system and write below method-


CurrentBrowser property is a place where you define your browser type. Now run it and see the magic.

2 thoughts on “Cross Browser Testing using CodedUI Test

  1. Hey I’m using this to run cross browser tests, and I’m having issues when setting chrome or firefox as CurrentBrowser. The browser launches correctly, but then it crashes or closes automatically at certain points.
    If I debug the test and run it step by step, I get to a point where it asks for RemoteWebDriver.cs or DriverService.cs
    Any ideas?

    1. Logically it should not ask for RemoteWebDriver. Could you please post the exception?

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