Sometime it’s hard to iterate through HtmlCell and click on Html Button or Radio Button or Check-boxes which is within HtmlCell. In my previous post, I have already described How to get InnerText of HtmlCell and now I am providing sample code to click on HtmlButton.

Here we go-

public void ClickonButton ()
HtmlTable PackageTable = new HtmlTable(browser);
PackageTable.SearchProperties.Add(“Id”, “TableID”);
HtmlCell Cell = new HtmlCell(PackageTable);
Cell.FilterProperties[HtmlCell.PropertyNames.RowIndex] = RowNumber.ToString();
Cell.FilterProperties[HtmlCell.PropertyNames.ColumnIndex] = CellNumber.ToString();
HtmlInputButton SaveBtn = new HtmlInputButton(Cell);
SaveBtn.SearchProperties.Add(“Id”, “btnPubPkg”);

Comment it out if it does not work for you.


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