Below code will help to handle IE Alert pop-up-

HtmlButton Submit = new HtmlButton (browser);

Mouse.Click (Submit);

WinWindow pop = new WinWindow(null);
pop.SearchProperties.Add(“Name”, “Message from webpage”, “ClassName”, “#32770”);
pop.TechnologyName = “MSAA”;

WinText text = new WinText(pop);

text.SearchProperties.Add(“Name”, “Some Name”);
String msg = text.GetProperty(“DisplayText”).ToString();

if (msg.Contains(“Data saved.”))

Console.WriteLine(“System is displaying ” + msg);
Console.WriteLine(“System is displaying ” + msg);

WinButton ok = new WinButton(pop);
ok.TechnologyName = “MSAA”;
ok.SearchProperties.Add(“Name”, “OK”);


2 thoughts on “How to handle IE Alert pop-up with CodedUI (C#)

  1. Can you please write the code for how to handle the button of web technology pop up. I have a link of Reject Leave and it opens a web technology pop up having Reason and Ok and Cancel buttons. After entering reason, i have written following which does not work:

    UITestControl Click_Reject = new UITestControl(browser);
    Click_Reject.TechnologyName = “Web”;
    Click_Reject.SearchProperties.Add(“ControlType”, “Pane”);
    Click_Reject.SearchProperties.Add(“FriedlyName”, “Reject”);

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