To start the testing with QTP, there is an important concept to understand i.e. framework. Frameworks basically define the way to handle the different operations in different methods.

As we all known we can create the test in two ways in QTP i.e. by recording and by scripting. We should also know that how we can improve the quality of test by using Framework concept. Basically QTP supports three kind of framework i.e. Linear, Modular, and Keyword Driven Framework.

In all three frameworks, Linear Framework is very easy and catchy by all newbie and beginner of QTP. Basically Linear Framework deals with individual script which is recorded under one Action and running individual. I think we all done this thing in very first when we get the QTP but I’m very sure, not all one know that we created and executed the test under Linear Framework. Anyway this is not big deal. I was also not aware when I get the QTP first time. So this is very simple and easy way to create the test by navigating through the application. But by using this method there are some limitations which we can not cross. Sometime when we test some business processes in one application, we may feel that some operations we repeat in all Linear Framework Script. To handle this situation we go with Modular Framework which solves this kind of problem by dividing the single test in multiple part or module.

In modular framework, tester basically divides the test in different parts which give the facility to use the different part of scripts in any tests. That solves the many problem of repeataion of test and gives the facility to make the script reusable? So in one sentence, Division of Linear Framework script in different parts called Modular Framework.

To understand the keyword driven framework, tester should know the basic of programming because it deals with function. In programming, Function is an important part of programming as they allow you to create chunks of code that performs a specific task. Basically we create the functions in the one test and calling these functions as keyword in other tests therefore we are calling keyword driven framework. This is very important and useful framework to deal and handle many critical tasks in testing through QTP.

To know these frameworks in more details you can choose any QTP testing materials.


2 thoughts on “QTP Testing Framework

  1. thank u for the information……..but i have a doubt which seems to be very silly, though we have record and play back option in QTP(which is easy to perform and quite faster compared to writing script) why we go for scripting?

    1. Rachna,
      For testing any application we need to provide different types of input data.

      Thru scripting we can use various functions/commands/options avaliable in VB script and can pass different types of input in the AUT very easily. Due to this our application is completely tested.

      Same is also possible using record and play back but huge amount of code Maintenance is required which is really headache.

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