I assume that peoples are aware about QTP, so I’m directly switched to describe testing process of QTP.

Testing process is nothing but steps which every tester follows to create any test script in this tool.

There are seven steps to complete any test through QTP.

1: Preparing For Recording- In this step, we check that availability of our application and QTP. Basically we just analyze the application test requirements and ensure that tool will be fulfilled the all needs of application test.

2: Recording A Test Scenario- In this steps we just record the user scenario through the tool.

3: Enhance Your Test- In this step we just enhance the test, means, if there is requirement of different function, parameter, checkpoint and etc then we apply all according to test need.

4: Debugging A Test- Debugging a test ensures that create test is not having any bug and it will complete our testing task successfully.

5: Running Your Test- Just run the test in this step against specified application.

6: Analyze The Test Result- After running the test, it will generate some results, which need to analyze and ensure that test is pass or fail.

7: Report Defects- After analyze the result, if there is not meeting with the requirement, just raise the defect against your application.


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