Keyword View of QTP

QTP is having two views to access and analyze the test script that is Keyword View and Expert View. Keyword View helps to display the recorded script in steps or hierarchical format. It is having some default columns which are important to understand the recorded script. There are four important columns- Item- It displays the … Continue reading Keyword View of QTP

QTP Testing Process

I assume that peoples are aware about QTP, so I’m directly switched to describe testing process of QTP. Testing process is nothing but steps which every tester follows to create any test script in this tool. There are seven steps to complete any test through QTP. 1: Preparing For Recording- In this step, we check … Continue reading QTP Testing Process


Wireframes, this is new word for me because in my previous works I have not heard and seen about it.   It is very useful for tester and developers to understand and analyze the requirements. As definition, Wireframes are a basic visual guide used in web design to suggest the layout of fundamental elements in … Continue reading Wireframes