Quality Center-9.2

There are five major modules which are used to organize and manage the test project.

  • Releases
  • Requirements
  • Test Plan
  • Test Lab
  • Defects

In Quality Center, these are the phases for any test projects.


For the Releases module, there are two main terms that is-

  • Release
  • Cycle

Release- Release represents a group of changes in the application which will be present in the same application after some duration.

Cycle- A cycle represents a development and QA cycle based on the project time line.

Note- The Release and Cycles have defined start and end date.

Step to define Release and Cycles

Open the QC – Give username and p/w – Select your domain – Select Project – Now login in the QC – Click on Releases button on the sidebar – In the right hand side, select root Releases folder – Click on New Release Folder icon link – New Release folder pop-up comes – Enter Release Folder name ex. ABC – Click OK – Release folder will be added under root Releases folder – Now add sub-folder under ABC – Select created ABC folder – Click New Release icon link – New Release dialog opens – Enter your release name ex. UI – Click OK – Enter Start date, End date and Description for the release – Now the time to add cycle in release folder – Select release folder UI – Click New Cycle icon link – Enter cycle name ex. XYZ – Click OK – Enter Start date, End date, and Description in right side panel.


In Requiremnets module we describe that what needs to be tested in the application. There is one important term that is-

Reuirement Tree.

Reuirement Tree- This is a graphical representations of your requirement specification, displaying requirement hierarchically.

Steps to define Project Requirements

 Click on Requirements button on the side bar – Choose View menu – Select Requirement Tree – Create new requirement folder – Select root Requirements folder – Click New Folder icon link – Enter folder name in Create New Requirement Folder ex. Some_Project in dialog box – Click OK button – Requirement folder will be added in requirement tree – Select created folder Some_Project – Click New Requirement icon link – Select Requirement Type (Functional) and in Requirement Name enter “Fucntional Testing” – Click OKNew Requirement dialog box opens – Enter Priority and select your project – Click Submit button – Click Close button – This folder will be added under Some_Project folder – Now add a child requirement – In the requirement tree make sure Functional Testing requirement folder should be selected – Click New Requirement icon link – Select Requirement Type (Functional) and in Requirement Name enter “members” – Click OKNew Requirement dialog box opens – Enter Priority and select your project – Click Submit button – Click Close button – It will be added child requirement under Functional Testing folder – Now assign the requirement to a Cycle – Select your requirement – Choose Requirements Assign to CycleAssign to Cycle dialog opens – In the release tree, expand the tree and check the checkbox for cycle – Click OK button – Click Yes – Now check the Target Release and Target Cycle in details page.

Converting Requirements

In this functionality, we have to convert all requirements folder tree to Test Plan module. We do this because of similar folder tree in both Requirements and Test Plan modules.

New Company, New People, New Experience and Some Old Memories

This is good feeling to leave old space and come in new space because it gives more pleasure to achieve new milestone but it gives some bad feeling also because of some memories which are related with your old space. May be all peoples are not thinking like that but for me it’s true. Because I have learnt lot personally and professionally from my past and I can’t put curtain on that stuffs and efforts which were given by others on me.


Here I’m going to write about that feelings and memories which were started from my first company to this new challenge.


When I was entering in my new space, my last steps which was leaving from my previous space, said that “Go Dude and break your new challenge”. This word has given me more courage and pushed me in new environment. There were everyone unknown and unrecognized by me and off course, they don’t know me also. Hope so one day they will recognize me and my efforts.


It was the dream comes true when I was taken my place in my new company. Team Leader had come and said that “Hi I’m Sudheer and I’ll go to lead you guys”. He was arranged all the stuffs for me and for some more new jonnies. It is big cubicle where I’m sitting with three more members. They have provided all the stuffs which are required for cubicle and company.


System Admin has furnished all the things, from system login ID to all necessary access and software in my system. When I was sited there, everything was going again in my mind that how to sit, how to behave, how to talk, how to present yourself and so many things which I was learnt through different peoples and different situations. Over all the things are fine and giving me more happiness to achieve it.


First day in the Qwest, I missed all the things which I got through Apptility and Apptilitians. It was great, when I was written my first mail to my PM, I heard again Avinash’s voice in my ear that “Learn man, How to write mail and if you got then you can survive any orgnizations”. That was the great session. Thanks! Avinash for all the helps and words which you have given me. Nowadays everything is going again in my mind whether that Mr. Brij suggestions, instructions and Moses, Rahul, Abhishek, Amit, Abinaya, Prethesh and Sanjay tips. All the things are giving me more courage.

These are the peoples who have given me more exposure, knowledge and experience of life, which I am going to use here. Thanks to all.