While using Silk Test I was unable to find any easy steps to do data driven through excel files. I read some documents also but I was not able to find any useful result. May be I was novice and not able to understand but I’m still sure, that documents were not delivering easy steps to do DDT through excel.

Here I’m going to listing some easy and clear steps to do Data Driven Test through excel file in Silk Test. I assume that we are familiar with Silk Test windows and flows.

Before describing anything I would like to tell one scenario, where we will do DDT.

We have one search page.
There is one search fields FIND PEOPLE with SEARCH button.
User will come on search page and put the search term in FIND PEOPLE text field.
At last hit the SEARCH button.

So here we will add our DDT.

Step1: Create one excel file with the name of SEARCH.

Step2: Add your search term under Search column.

Note: We assume that you have set-up your project in Silk Test.

Step3: Come in Silk Test window and click Tools menu.

Step4: Select Data Driven Testcase. Remember your test case should be opened in Silk Test.

Step5: It will open Select Testcase dialog box. Select your test case and click OK button.

Step6: It will open Specify Data Driven Script dialog box. Check first radio button “Create a new file/Overwrite an existing file” and hit OK button.

Step7: It will open Select Data Source dialog box. Select Silk DDA Excel option in Select Data Source option field. Now browse your excel file through Browse button and hit OK button after selecting that.

Step8: It will open Specify Data Driven Testcase dialog box. Select first radio button “Add a new Data Driven Testcase” and hit OK button.

Step9: It will open Find/Replace Values dialog. Click Cancel button in Find/Replace Values.

Step10: Come in data driven file which is saved in same test script file name but with the .g.t extension.

Step11: In Data Driven Script file, you can find “Find values of type”, “Replace value with”, Column, and Replace button. If your test data is Text then check Text checkbox. In Table field select Sheet1$ if you enter your test data in sheet 1 in excel file. In Column select column name which you have specified in your excel file. After selecting it you can find Replace button will be enabled.

Step12: Now select values in your DD script, which you want to DD.

Step13: Click Replace button it will replace some code over the values which you have selected.

Step14: Now Save the file and click Run Test Case. It will open Run Test Case dialog. Here select your DD test script and click Run button.

Hope it will be useful for those, who are struggling with DDT in Silk Test.


7 thoughts on “Data Driven Testing using Silk Test.

  1. Hi,

    I tried this and found useful. But .g.t file can be run independently. If I want to have the same script in .t file I’m getting “argument to testcase not valid “. What should I do if I wnat to include this case as single script file

  2. Hello Mayank,
    nice explanation and it was useful to me. I’m doing a bit research about test automation and i also found that macrotesting http://www.macrotesting.com be a good resource.
    Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!
    Poornima muthamilvanan

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