CodeMunch at Facebook

It is big deal to do marketing and sales through Open Social. As I discussed about Open Social in my previous post that it is the way to communicate and use different social networking application from one place. If you go through Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, and Hi5, you can find different applications which are integrated with these social sites and users are using their favorite application from one place. From user point of view, it’s increasing the usability of the application but for company and organization point of view it’s increasing the users of the application. Whatever it’s doing in backend, users don’t bother because users want more and more flexibility to use their favorite applications and open social does it. In these steps we are also moved ahead and integrated our CodeMunch with Facebook application and given the name My Resume. CodeMunch will help of those users of Facebook who are using Facebook for job seeking purpose. Now you can show your Facebook profile with CodeMunch resume. I am sure it will give more impact over the organization. If CodeMunch users are having Facebook account also then it’s easy to handle your resume from Facebook. So login in the Facebook and search “My Resume” from Application and add the “My Resume“. Use this URL to find “My Resume“.