When we can stop the Testing?

This is very good question for any QA executive and testing guys that when we can stop the testing?

In software world we can not say that particular software is bug free and there is no bug that is why testing process is going continuous. But we always try to give perfect and reliable system but here is the question that how? So there is no predefined explanation for stop the testing process, just like you can not say that when we want to develop the system. Its totally depend upon our needs and requirements. If we need something specific to complete our requirements then we start thinking about new system or application. Same as going with testing process also but with the help of some factors like Time, Budget, Risks, Bugs and etc, we can decide the exit point. May be all these are not applicable in one time always but one of them is playing important role to stop the testing process.

Budget of the any object is playing very important role to define the existence of it. In software development planning we break the budget in different sections that how much we can spend in particular section? So if we have specified budget for testing then we complete the testing in given time. Time and Budget are also important factors to decide the exit point of testing. If we have reviewed and tested all risk area of the system in a given time then we can stop the testing. To decide the exit point of testing phase we check the bug rate also, if bug rate is too low then and if we don’t have enough time and budget then also we can stop the testing.

According to my thinking these are some basic factors to stop the testing. If I am going in wrong way then come and share your thoughts also.

New way to use Social Networking Applications

New way has come to use the social networking sites that is Open Social. Few years before we were using social networking application in different browsers but now with the help of Open Social we can use different networking application from one place.

This concept is notified by Google in 2007. Basically Open Social is set of API for Web Based Application, that is used to integrate different applications in one place.

Nowadays it is very hot topic in every open source developers, specially for PHP developers because it is adding some more glitters in their resume. It is good sign for marketing of networking application also because marketing time is going tough to convince any user for any networking application. Market is over crowded with networking application as mushrooms. Every day one new networking application is coming in and users also got fed up that which one is useful or which is not?

Here Open Social is giving some push to networking applications because it is applying eye to eye marketing like mouth to mouth. Suppose if you are seeing your friend profile and he is using his favorites social networking application from one place, it will make some itch in your hand to add your favorites profiles in one place. Through this process you will go through different applications and add them according to your likes and interest. So no need to tell every users to use my great application. Only need to convince single user after that see the effect of eye-to-eye marketing.

Open social is giving happinesses to all Users, Developers, and Companies…