Risks of Web Application

Risks are important to understand because they reveal what to test. It enforces that which area needs more intention to look. Mostly when we start to test web applications, we are confused with that what to test and which things are very important to test. It is not necessary that all listed risks are important to test with every test projects. Sometime only one risk is targeted and sometime all. It’s decided by risk analysis of the project. So If we analyze risks of test project before starting testing, it will give more light to understand the project risk area.

There are different types of risks when running a web based application. It’s important to concentrate your efforts on the most significant ones.

Security: Security of the web application, one of the major risk of Internet application During testing the web application it is very important that the application should keep the restriction to access the user data and information

Performance: In web, performance is the key feature of any web based application because performance is playing very vital role to make the popular among the users. Web application with slow performance will not retain the users that is why tester should aware about cost of performance.

Correctness: Correctness of functionality and information which are provided by the web application should be correct. It is playing important role to make application usable.

Compatibility: One web application may not be worked correctly in all the browser. It will create the risk for the application. Tester should be aware about this and test the application in all the browser and platform and ensure that application is compilable with other element of the system.

Reliability: Information provided by the web application must be clear consistent and reliable to the user.

Data Integrity: Web application should validate the data and insure that data stay correct after it’s entered into the application.

Usability: Very common and important area of risk because web application rely on usability of application. Application should have good usability means navigation, clarity, and understandability. Usability helps the user to reach the every part of the web system.