To achieve a target/goal, directions and instructions plays very vital role for your success. As I’ve written in my previous post that I’ve started learning shell programming. So I am preferring two books for that; one is Unix Shell Programming and one book of Sumitabha Das. I have started through Sumitabha Das but afterward I shifted over to Unix Shell Programming book. After reading couple of chapters, I directly jumped to shell programming chapter and started reading the programing tact. I thought that after finishing this I will be able to write some script. But I was wrong; came to know through one my friend who practiced linux system administration in Satyam. He suggested that basic is first brick of any strong building so first learn unix and after that learn shell scripting. It will give you robust start in shell programming. So now I’ve totally focused on Unix.

โ€œIn your way one instruction and direction can change everythingโ€


17 thoughts on “Thinking for shell scripting? Start with Unix

  1. For me learn ->code -> learn does not suit i believe on code-> learn ->code let something make it happen by coding or copy and pasting ๐Ÿ™‚ . but i do agree with your approach . its good to listen to others but for me Unix learning is not much important for shell scripting its like you are deviating from you goal for me hitting the target with asap approach is more important

    so i will suggest do focus on shell rather than Unix keep, it as you secondary if some body have asked for medicine so should not go to formulate it and then make it then give him , if some thing is there use it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey Uday,

    Thanks for your valuable comments.

    May be your point is correct but I think it is applicable for those, who known the Unix.
    I worked in windows only that is why I chosen this way.


  3. Nice mayank to start with unix instead of scripting. Shell scripting is a part of unix. Unix is a basic. Without basic we can not proceed. There are different types of shell scripts.
    You have mentioned two books for reference. In that for one book u have given only the name but not the author, in other u have given only the author but not the name of the book. It would be good if u mentioned both name and author for a book.

  4. Well I agree with Udaya to say that start with SHELL scripting directly if one can practice that even in thin air of our atmosphere. Well (for Udaya) you need to have an OS to start with where ur shells works and without knowing the OS the SHELL is useless. Think of a situation where u know how to write a script but you dont know how to work with OS and its commands, What one would do with this knowldge?
    Suppose u are given Novell Netware and u have no idea about, now try and write a SHELL Script and see how it works.

    Well Mayank its good to have a base first, because it is a career that will last i think for next 30 years so better strong at the foundation rather than suffering later.


  5. well rahul

    thanks that you do agree with me up to some extent, but this my real time life experience . I am electronics and communication student and when i started my carrier with software i was not knowing objects ,classes,and many other concept of opps but i never went to book and seen it , I started coding and as time passed i got good skill in all these things and do suggest to people face the problem not dig the problem and find route.
    for me life is give and take not take take and some time give i hope my point is clear
    so first generate the problem and discover the solution ๐Ÿ™‚
    my life will move around this policy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey,
    You can start either by learning the shell script directly or by learning Unix first. But there is difference in both the approaches. If u start shell script directly, u may forget it as time goes on.
    When U start with Unix and then Shell Script, you will have a strong fiundation at last.
    All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Mayank,

    With shell scripts, you can combine the fundamental Unix text and file processing commands to crunch data and automate repetitive tasks.

    Its a good start.
    Keep going………:)

  8. Well Udaya those Programming languages are different from SHELL. They do not require much from the OS, but a SHELL is an environment which has alot to do with the OS. Without OS concept on which u need to work its hard to design a script. Many features of the OS need to be used. Well it does not have an easy GUI where u can drag and drop just like what JAVA has. Well u can find varied experienced user on the net and there way of referening how to design a SHELL Script. An OS knowldge is a must.

  9. hi mayank,

    Thanx for posting this valuable information on shell scripting n Unix.
    basically now i ll start with Unix first.
    i tryed shell scripting but didn’t got much success may be this explain a lot to me now.


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