Thinking for shell scripting? Start with Unix

To achieve a target/goal, directions and instructions plays very vital role for your success. As I’ve written in my previous post that I’ve started learning shell programming. So I am preferring two books for that; one is Unix Shell Programming and one book of Sumitabha Das. I have started through Sumitabha Das but afterward I shifted over to Unix Shell Programming book. After reading couple of chapters, I directly jumped to shell programming chapter and started reading the programing tact. I thought that after finishing this I will be able to write some script. But I was wrong; came to know through one my friend who practiced linux system administration in Satyam. He suggested that basic is first brick of any strong building so first learn unix and after that learn shell scripting. It will give you robust start in shell programming. So now I’ve totally focused on Unix.

“In your way one instruction and direction can change everything”

Learn=>Achieve=>Learn…and it goes on

In life, the learning process should be aggressive as aggression leads to success. This makes your life refreshing every moment of time. To achieve the continuous learning we have to do lots of hard work but sometime we fail because of the way of doing . Sometimes your friends and caretakers, help to select the right way and point you what is right or wrong. Today I am in QA field and doing well but I did not select this field. I came to know about this very exciting and great field after joining here and start my career. But didn’t know how to do the right things. But I asked to everybody who were related or know this field and everybody helped me and gave valuable suggestions. I followed them and made my way. After reaching to this point, now I am again digging to learn new things. Now I set the goal for Certification in testing and learn about other OS instead of Windows. I think it will brush me and give new shine in my life. Oh! I forgot to tell that these words I got from those, who love and care me.
I will definitely do this 🙂

CodeMunch is munching with two new features

In my testing career I have tested and leaded many applications and every projects taught me some basic and advanced tips about testing. But I am thinking in my career two projects are very important and played very vital role to improve my testing quality that is CodeMunch and CultureBuilder. I am still learning with CodeMunch and I loved it. It is very nice application to maintain your professional profile and help to manage your professional groups. In current release CodeMunch has released two marvelous features Download Resume and Group features. With download resume features user can download his resume according to his filled information in the CodeMunch. It will help to those guys who are always confuseed with How to develop professional resume? In the other hand Group feature enhance the beauty of CodeMunch. Group feature has one part also that is Fourm which help to solve your technical and general problems. I hope it will create so many milestones and help to improve my quality.