I am lucky that I attended the FOSS.IN third time. FOSS.IN is India largest Free Open Source Software event that used to bringing all loved one of Open Source. This time we moved one step ahead and discussed about one of our project Ajuby in BOF. BOF means Birds of Feather and in term of dictionary, we can say that “Informal meeting in any topic”. It was the great experience to discuss about our project and our company. It was great to project and take the new flour of sales and marketing with Ajuby. Moses, Sanjay, Avinash, Mini, Abinaya, Shruti, Nidhika, Srividhaya, Amit, Synthia and I, were there to present Ajuby. Ajuby is open source application builder framework which is based on ROR. It is totally free to downloads and customized. It supports most of the databases and runs on webrick and mongrel web servers. After finishing BOF I and Shruti attended Sahi session which is presented by original author of Sahi, Mr. N. Narayan Raman. It was great session to understand about Sahi and learn after Watir. Sahi is open source functional automation tool. It is based on Record and Playback. Basically it is developed in Java and Javascript and used Javascript to manipulate events on the browser. Sahi runs as a proxy server and the browser needs to use the sahi server as its proxy. Sahi is released under the Apache License and supports AJAX, HTTP, and HTTPS. For more details and download the Sahi, you can visit It is very useful to understand automation testing without paying bucks.

1 thought on “FOSS.IN, BOF, and SAHI

  1. Lyn

    Hai Mayank,
    I have a question about Sahi. I have a two values Value1 and Value2 and in a drop down list. I want to select one particular value from that list. I used this _setSelected(_select(“_idJsp7:datasource”),”Value1″) where _idJsp7:datasource is the name of the drop down list. When i play back, the drop down value gets selected but it is showing an error in error log as

    Error: Option not found: Primary(Live)
    Error(“Option not found: Primary(Live)”)@:0

    Your help would be appreciated…….

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