BumpedInto-Social Profile Bookmarking

Apptility is in fast pace, few days back they have celebrated CodeMunch success and now they come with one more exacting application i.e. BumpedInto (Social Profile Bookmarking). According to punchline of BumpedInto it is social networking application but it is little bit different from others social networking applications. Because they come up with this application for our goals. This application helps to achieve our goals with social profile bookmark. Here you can create your goals and associate with your social contact which helps to achieve it. We can make private and public goals according to our convenience and security purpose but we can not create public contacts. I think they are deliberately restricting contacts display due to privacy reasons and I think this is right because no one wants to share his contacts. Overall it is very nice to maintain our social contacts and goals.


Now CodeMunch is out for munching


Now CodeMunch is out for 100 lucky people. It’s social resume builder application. Normally our resume is communicating with recruiters on one to one relationship means only recruiters judge that particular resume is useful or not. But here they make our resume social and every user of CodeMunch make our resume popular if we have sound knowledge about our domain. I’m one of lucky user in 100 and you….?