Today I got one comment on Interview Questions of QTP from He has written that Indians doing useless things with QTP like this post. Here I want to say that may be it’s not so much useful for users of QTP but it’s not useless also because it provides 1 % basic information about QTP. Criticism is very easy thing because in criticism guys only speak not do same thing….so dude please shut your mouth if you can not do anything. I do not write this if it’s only for this post but it’s related to all INDIAN people.


6 thoughts on “Comment of

  1. It may be useless for the people who knows much about QTP or who they don’t know anything about QTP and even are not interested to know abt QTP, but its useful for them who just step into QTP and eager to know much abt that.

    Mayank u r doing good from ur end and continue the same.

    don’t panic abt the comments posted.


  2. Everyone has one’s own perspective and takes the words in their way only. It is not necessary that the thing which is USELESS for you is USELESS for all. I agree with the eligibility criteria of a person to be hired. But most of the companies, hiring the Indians, are not Indian. Why do they follow the fixed pattern of questions every time? No person is scholar from birth. The great poet of English has to start learning English from ABC.
    These type of questions are helpful for those who are in initial stage of learning of QTP.
    Carry on Mayank


  3. hi
    dear mayank I have read your post and comment of the person on your post, I do regard your views that he has said some thing bad about Indians. But I think you have written some words which professional like you should not use
    For example: “Criticism is very easy thing because in criticism guys only speak not do same thing….so dude please shut your mouth” your blog is open and any one can write on it so please consider this as a step to your success , I have read your question on QTP form my point of view its good or i can say very good but it can’t be same for other I know I don’t have any right to give you lecture but when ever you write some thing which involves India you should be careful

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