Wow! today I browsed my old and first one blog which I made in In those days, I was not much aware of blogging. That is why I kept my blog url ““. I thought that blogging means Ctrl+X, Ctrl+c and Ctrl+V. When you look into that you can find I blogged rediff and yahoo news over there, very funny, isn’t it? But those funny things made me aware about blogging and power of blogging. Thanks to…..


2 thoughts on “ to

  1. I am facing interviews and have around 7 years exp in North america and this time nothing is clikcing, GOd knows

    Any how i can will be coming accross an interivew next where i am have been asked to give a proposal of setting up a new Qa department , Can you help me out as to what is required in setting up a QA department.

    I donot wish to loose this interview is my email id would really appreciate if you send me an email about certain notes

  2. Which statement generated by winrinner when you use GUI checkpoint to check any window ?
    a) obj_check_gui
    b) win_check_gui
    c) check_ obj_gui
    d) check_win_gui

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