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Today I got one comment on Interview Questions of QTP from He has written that Indians doing useless things with QTP like this post. Here I want to say that may be it’s not so much useful for users of QTP but it’s not useless also because it provides 1 % basic information about QTP. Criticism is very easy thing because in criticism guys only speak not do same thing….so dude please shut your mouth if you can not do anything. I do not write this if it’s only for this post but it’s related to all INDIAN people.


Save Your Life

Excellent work to save your life!

Blood is very precious thing because no one has found any other option to produce blood rather than sharing through donation at various hospitals or BDC’s(blood donation camps). I got one link where you can find all blood donors contact details. It will be useful whenever you/anyone you know; is in need of blood. to

Wow! today I browsed my old and first one blog which I made in In those days, I was not much aware of blogging. That is why I kept my blog url ““. I thought that blogging means Ctrl+X, Ctrl+c and Ctrl+V. When you look into that you can find I blogged rediff and yahoo news over there, very funny, isn’t it? But those funny things made me aware about blogging and power of blogging. Thanks to…..