9 thoughts on “Who Are The Best???

  1. This Generation SUPER HEROS……!!!!!!!!

    Mayank is like “ROCK the WORLD”
    Sonu is like “Hum Shaktimaan nahi ban sakte”

    Nice one….!


  2. Prethesh

    Really superb…………. fantastic……….

  3. Prethesh

    why can’t you try in Films…..Give a try…..U dance well also.This will be additional advantage. Think over this…… 🙂 you can suceed.

  4. Hey Prethesh,

    Thanks 🙂

  5. naveen7

    hi man ur cool and ur site is also cool nice to see like this keep rocking u can mail me at gudlanaveen@gmail.com if u have time and i will be thankful to u

  6. asmita

    mayank u look stunning

  7. bangaru

    hai sir u r looking smart and u r providing very good information for us it is very intersting it is nice and mail me at gold.kancharla@gmail.com
    thanku sir

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