Test Data Generator

Hi All, It is an excellent tool to generate the test data. If you guys do lot of things to generate the different kind of test data, writing different sql queries, making excel files etc . So throw away all things and use this tool to generate the different kind of data at one place http://www.generatedata.com/#generator.

QTP Knowledgebase

Hi All,

Specially for QTP learners and Professionals.

I got so many “Thanks” and “Appreciable comments” on my “Interview Question of QTP blog and now I want to say “Thanks” to all you guys. I think QTP is getting so popular in quality area and so many guys are moving with that. That is why I want to start one new thread for QTP learners and professionals. This thread will help to those guys who are new in QTP and who always ask “What” and “How” kind of questions. If you are QTP techie and if you know about any QTP functions. Lets come here for share that knowledge. It will be helpful for learners, professionals and who shares one’s knowledge. Because with this kind of work we can create one knowledge area of QTP. But I have one request to all of guys that if you want to know any thing about QTP then please post reasonable and meaningful questions and answer will be meaningful and with heading like “Recording in QTP“. So with this kind of work we will be updated about QTP. What you guys think? It will be usable or not?

PS: Do not post “Please send me QTP interview questions” comments on this blog.