A/B Testing

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Wish you a very happy new year!

Today I come with one topic which is related to two different fields “Marketing” and “Testing”. Actually nowadays I’m on bench that’s why last week I got one mail from my PM that you should learn about A/B Testing and try to create test cases for that. Previously I never heard this word but I also got some documents from that side. Now I have some general understanding about A/B testing which I want to share with all of you. Basically in A/B testing we analyze that how we can get more revenue from our online place. A/B testing helps to improve the quality of website that takes the user to exact point where they get exact things for which they are searching. Some times we get some websites, trying to sell something, but due to navigation or complex structure of website makes frustrate to the users. This decreases the popularity of website or sales of the company. A/B testing analyses this problem and helps us to improve the quality of website. Also leads to improve the first landing page, the Home page, because first impression is the last impression. It tells how do we organize the Right information on Right place. For more details prefer this link- A/B Testing

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