V&V Concept

Before discuss this topic I need to describe the full form of V&V. V&V means are Verification and Validation. These terms are creating very confusion in Software Development Life Cycle because some people said that Verification process executes before the Validation process while some people said that it executes after the Validation. According to my understanding it always executes before the Validation process. As a word Validate and Verify describes itself because we always validate the things after the verify.

According to definition:

Verification: Am I building the right product?
Validation: Am I building the product right?
In software testing:

Verification process determines that correctness, completeness, and consistency of a program at each stage.

Validation process determines that correctness of program with respect of client requirements and needs.

Now we can come on our main topic V&V concept. V&V concept describe the practical mapping between development process and testing process. It helps to ensure that developed software meet with functional and behavioural requirements of application. Here one thing is very necessary to discuss that what things are make sure developed application meets with requirements and needs? This thing is going with Validation and Verification strategies. Verification Strategy having some processes like

  • Requirement Reviews
  • Design Reviews
  • Code Walkthrough
  • Code Inspections

and Validation having

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System testing
  • End to End Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Beta Testing

After completing these processes we can make sure that application will be meeting with the requirements and needs of application.


Test Inputs

Test Inputs/Data is very common term in software testing and every novice is confused with Test Inputs. Even I was also confused with this term that 

What is that?
What is use of Test Inputs?
How and where we can use it?

But some right definitions and guidance made me able to learn and understand about Test inputs. Test Inputs is nothing but those inputs and data we are using during testing any application.

Defination of test inputs is “The actual values used in the test or that are necessary to execute the test.” If you have not got yet then take one instance like if you are testing one login function in any website. So for testing the login function you need to enter different types of user name and passwords. So these different types of user name and passwords are your test data/input.