Defect Tracking Process

Are you novice in testing world?

Do you want to know about Defect Tracking?

You come at right place. Today I am going to discuss about Defect Tracking process. In Software testing you must know about that why we does test the software? Normally we have developed software for general use and assume that it will work correctly. So for this purpose we are trying to finding the defects and bugs in software.

General Definition: Defect Tracking is the process of finding the errors and bugs in developed software and report the found bugs and errors in bug database.

Bug Database is space where we can keep the details about bugs for future use. When you will use bug database you can find some terms which are used to define the bugs.

In defect tracking process we are interacting with some terms which are using for makeup the defects like-






Blocker Bug: Blocker bug block the application and user cant access the application after finding it.

Critical Bug: When application throwing any fatal error like that then we can say that it’s critical bug and need to quick attention for that.

Normal Bug: It is normal type of bug and needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

trivial Bug: It is related to spell and grammar related bug in application contents.

Enhancement: Enhancement is not a bug while it’s related proposed feature.

These terms are related to Severity of bugs.

In Bug Tracking process we are using one more thing for defining the defects “Priority”. We can set the attention of developers for any particular bug with “Priority of Bug”.

I hope after this discussion you make some sense about it. Please let me know your level of comfort.