What’s the Boundary Value Analysis

Boundary Value Analysis is one of technique which is used in Black Box Testing. In this technique we are analyzing the data that which type of data we shall use in test inputs? Actually when we test any application which have some fields and required test inputs then we analyze the data values like which type of data it will accept and how many data and how long? We can say that Boundary Value Analysis is data selection technique includes maximum value, minimum value, error value, abnormal values and assume that when application work with these different types data then it will work all type of data in between. Assume that you have one text field which is accept only 1 to 10 number then we can test this text field with these data 0.1, -1, 11, 10.0, and some character. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

8 thoughts on “What’s the Boundary Value Analysis

  1. Anand Gupta

    Good explanation. But, can you give little more example (from real-life) on boundary value analysis so that it will be more clearer to every body.

  2. Good to see this post. BVA helps us to analyze how the systems behaves at the boundaries. I will differ on this “it will work all type of data in between”.

    The biggest challenge here is to how to get those boundaries. Believe me, the developers may not be familiar with the whole boundaries of the system. It may not be the range of data types of a given programing language.

    It will be great if you can take complex scenario and explain this technique.

  3. The values you have mentioned in the example also includes negetive test.
    Say if you are testing something in the range of “1 to 10”, BVA checks should be done for 1, 10, 0, 11, 2, 9.
    And wht do you mean by error value and abnormal value?

    Abnormal and error values or a kind or negetive test.


  4. hdh&*^&^72676 (Abnormal Values) put in fields many times.

  5. chaman kalra

    this is good example but ineed more example from daily life which can easy understand by anybody

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  7. i think its a wrong the boundary value for 1 to 10 should be
    0 1 10 11

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