New Way in Grouping

Hi Guy’s I’m Mayank and owner of this blog. Today I come with new idea and place. Actually I had not expectation that one day I’ll get this type of popularity with this blog. I got so many comments from your side. So my view is that I’m Test Engineer in software field and need one group which will provide all types of suggestions and views to other testing professionals also. I know there are lots of group already available but I also know that there are so many worst things that’s why I need straight and without irritating way.

I know so many guy’s commented on my blog and they are related to software testing profession. So lets come on and share your thoughts, suggestions, and problems. Now one common question is that how we can open and run our thoughts in this group? We can open and run our thoughts through this blog, Yahoo IM, and gmail account. One good thing of this group that we can know other group member as personally.

I’ll be primary person for this group. If you want to join this group then please send your Yahoo IM and Gmail ID in my Gmail and Yahoo IM and don’t put your Yahoo IM and Gmail ID in comment because it will create wrong way for my view.

If anybody interested through blogging please let me know. I can provide access for writing the blog in my330space.

So join exciting and sense full way.

My Yahoo IM is mayanktoc

My Gmail ID is technicalt

Great Appreciation




Mr. Brij Singh


Today I got very great appreciation from my CTO that “its quite informative keep up the good work”. Actually when I joined this company I was unaware of blogging, but my CTO have very great experience in blogging world and he pushed me in it. When I started blogging I had some expectations that I needed some comments from my teacher but I was not expecting that one day they would say that “Your blog is very informative” so that’s why it’s a very great comment for me.

Thank you so much Sir!

What’s the Boundary Value Analysis

Boundary Value Analysis is one of technique which is used in Black Box Testing. In this technique we are analyzing the data that which type of data we shall use in test inputs? Actually when we test any application which have some fields and required test inputs then we analyze the data values like which type of data it will accept and how many data and how long? We can say that Boundary Value Analysis is data selection technique includes maximum value, minimum value, error value, abnormal values and assume that when application work with these different types data then it will work all type of data in between. Assume that you have one text field which is accept only 1 to 10 number then we can test this text field with these data 0.1, -1, 11, 10.0, and some character. Please let me know if I’m wrong.