What’s the Virtual Object Wizard

After a very long time, I have come with one of the interesting topic related to Virtual Object Wizard in Winrunner. Most of the time I have come up with this while running through different forums that most of the people are confused with Virtual Object Wizards and they ask questions like,

  • What’s the Virtual Object Wizards?
  • How it works and where we can use virtual objects wizards?

Virtual Objects Wizards is simply the utility to detect the object when WinRunner is not able to recognize any object as a object then it will use Virtual Objects Wizards function because in virtual objects wizards we can create virtual name and properties for that and after that we can recognize them as object. Now the next question is that where we can use Virtual Objects Wizards?

So example is that web application have different types of buttons and there are visible some image as buttons here WinRunner faces this problem to recognize them as object. For this type of problem WinRunner uses Virtual Object Wizard.

If I’m wrong then please let me know your level of comfort.