What’s the WinRunner?

WinRunner is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.

How many types of Run Modes are available in WinRunner?

WinRunner provide three types of Run Modes.

  • Verify Mode
  • Debug Mode
  • Update Mode

What’s the Verify Mode?

In Verify Mode, WinRunner compare the current result of application to it’s expected result.

What’s the Debug Mode?

In Debug Mode, WinRunner track the defects in a test script.

What’s the Update Mode?

In Update Mode, WinRunner update the expected results of test script.

How many types of recording modes available in WinRunner?

WinRunner provides two types of Recording Mode?

  • Context Sensitive
  • Analog

What’s the Context Sensitive recording?

WinRunner captures and records the GUI objects, windows, keyboard inputs, and mouse click activities through Context Sensitive Recording.

What’s the Analog recording?

It captures and records the keyboard inputs, mouse click and mouse movement. It’s not captures the GUI objects and Windows.

Where are stored Debug Result?

Debug Results are always saved in debug folder.

What’s WinRunner testing process?

WinRunner involves six main steps in testing process.

  • Create GUI map
  • Create Test
  • Debug Test
  • Run Test
  • View Results
  • Report Defects

What’s the GUI SPY?

You can view the physical properties of objects and windows through GUI SPY.

How many types of modes for organizing GUI map files?

WinRunner provides two types of modes-

  • Global GUI map files
  • Per Test GUI map files

What’s the contained in GUI map files?

GUI map files stored the information, it learns about the GUI objects and windows.

How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?

WinRunner recognize objects on the application through GUI map files.

What’s the difference between GUI map and GUI map files?

The GUI map is actually the sum of one or more GUI map files.

How do you view the GUI map content?

We can view the GUI map content through GUI map editor.

What’s the checkpoint?

Checkpoint enables you to check your application by comparing it’s expected results of application to actual results.

What’s the Execution Arrow?

Execution Arrow indicates the line of script being executed.

What’s the Insertion Point?

Insertion point indicates the line of script where you can edit and insert the text.

What’s the Synchronization?

Synchronization is enables you to solve anticipated timing problems between test and application.

What’s the Function Generator?

Function Generator provides the quick and error free way to add TSL function on the test script.

How many types of checkpoints are available in WinRunner?

WinRunner provides four types of checkpoints-

  • GUI Checkpoint
  • Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Database Checkpoint
  • Text Checkpoint

What’s contained in the Test Script?

Test Script contained the Test Script Language.

How do you modify the logical name or the physical description of the objects in GUI map?

We can modify the logical name or the physical description of the objects through GUI map editor.

What are the Data Driven Test?

When you want to test your application, you may want to check how it performance same operation with the multiple sets of data.

How do you record a Data Driven Test?

We can create a Data Driven Test through Flat Files, Data Tables, and Database.

How do you clear a GUI map files?

We can clear the GUI map files through “CLEAR ALL” option.

What are the steps of creating a Data Driven Test?

Data Driven Testing have four steps-

  • Creating test
  • Converting into Data Driven Test
  • Run Test
  • Analyze test

What’s the extension of GUI map files?

GUI map files extension is “.gui”.

What statement generated by WinRunner when you check any objects?

Obj_check_gui statement.

What statement generated by WinRunner when you check any windows?

Win_check_gui statement

What statement generated by WinRunner when you check any bitmap image over the objects?

Obj_check_bitmap statement

What statement generated by WinRunner when you check any bitmap image over the windows?

Win_check_bitmap statement

What statement used by WinRunner in Batch Testing?

“Call” statement.

Which short key is used to freeze the GUI Spy?


How many types of parameter used by WinRunner?

WinRunner provides three types of Parameter-

  • Test
  • Data Driven
  • Dynamic

How many types of Merging used by WinRunner?

WinRunner used two types of Merging-

  • Auto
  • Manual

What’s the Virtual Objects Wizard?

Whenever WinRunner is not able to read an objects as an objects then it uses the Virtual Objects Wizard.

How do you handle unexpected events and errors?

WinRunner uses the Exception Handling function to handle unexpected events and errors.

How do you comment your script?

We comment script or line of the script by inserting “#” at the beginning of script line.

What’s the purpose of the Set_Windows command?

Set_Window command set the focus to the specified windows.

How you created your test script?


What’s a command to invoke application?


What do you mean by the logical name of objects?

Logical name of an objects is determined by it’s class but in most cases, the logical name is the label that appear on an objects.

How many types of GUI checkpoints?

In Winrunner, three types of GUI checkpoints-

  • For Single Properties
  • For Objects/Windows
  • For Multiple Objects

How many types of Bitmap Checkpoints?

In Winrunner, two types of Bitmap Checkpoints-

  • For Objects/Windows
  • For Screen Area

How many types of Database Checkpoints?

In Winrunner, three types of Database Checkpoints-

  • Default Check
  • Custom Check
  • Runtime Record Check

How many types of Text Checkpoints?
In Winrunner, four types of Text Checkpoints-

  • For Objects/Windows
  • From Screen Area
  • From Selection (Web Only)
  • Web text Checkpoints


* Winrunner generates menu_select_item statement whenever you select any menu items.

* Winrunner generates set_window statement whenever you begin working in new window.

* Winrunner generates edit_set statement whenever you enter keyboard inputs.

* Winrunner generates obj_mouse_click statement whenever you click any object through mouse pointer.

* Winrunner generates obj_wait_bitmap or win_wait_bitmap statements whenever you synchronize the script through objects or windows.

* The ddt_open statement opens the table.

* The ddt_close statement closes the table.

* Winrunner inserts a win_get_text or obj_get_text statements in script for checking the text.

* The button_press statement press the buttons.

* Winrunner generates list_item_select statement whenever you want to select any value in drop-down menu.

* We can compare the two files in Winruuner using the file_compare function.

* tl_step statement used to determine whether section of a test pass or fail.

* Call_Close statement close the test when the test is completed


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  1. the above given questions good , but some more frequently asked question are missing like,

    How many checkpoints are there and what are the checkpoints?

    so plz include as more question u like , so that it will be more usefull for the person like me.

    hats off for ur good job

  2. Hi All,
    Can any one tell me whether atomated tools are platform independent ? I mean does the tools like Win-Runner, QTP, Test Director Run on operating system like MACINTOSH . If they don’t how can we test the projects on these OS. I mean some projects based on COCOA framework [objective -C languaged coded ]do not run on Windows so how do we test these projects? Is the Manual testing only a way to test these projects or is there any other means to test?
    Kindly reply me back
    Thanking You

  3. Can any one explain me how to pass values to data driven test from excel worksheet 2,3. I mean to say by default it will take first worksheet values. i have one scenario where i have to pass values from two work sheets.

  4. hi, Can any one tell me what is the extension of winrunner test script. I know it will be saaved as folder. But in that folder there is a script file. I need to know the extension of that script file.
    Many thanks

  5. u, had given interview quesions……………but a small sugession if u give how to create and run the winrunner it will be useful for those who are in learning stage and also who r learing winrunner online

  6. There are 3 types of DB check points in Winrunner:
    1.Default DB check point
    2.Custom DB check point
    3.Run Time DB check point

    1.Default DB check point: Check the contents in the Result set. we can’t check by row weise and column wise result.
    2.Custom DB check point: Check no. of rows and columns in the result set.
    3.Run Time DB check point: Mapping front-end column to the back-end database.

  7. Gui File contains logical name and physical description of the object.

    Gui Syp displays the properties of the object.

  8. V-Model:
    1.Testing merely get time as developement phase takes almost 98% of project time.

  9. Water Fall Model:
    1.Testing merely get time as developement phase takes almost 98% of project time.
    2.Any mistake in Requirement phase can’t be recognised in water fall model untill near the end, when customer gets to see the product. This leads to huge cost of correctiveness in terms of economy

    V Model:
    1.Both Testing and development goes parallely.
    2.Considers the change request at every phase of the software life cycle.reduce the probability of occuring a mistake or defect. hance saves the cost.

  10. In water fall model the SDLC Phases are depend on previous Phases.i.e, The output of one Phase is input to the next phase.so Whenever u do some mistake in any phase that will effects all the phases.so , whenever any modification will occur in we cant add that new requirement in the middle of the process.this is the drawback. in this model we are going in a sequential way .but the v model concept is entirely different from water fall model . here for each and every phase there is a review . by conducting this review we can conclude that what are the new requirements , what is the effect b adding that requiremnt on other phases.and in this model we map the development process(verification) with testing process(validation).so for each verification there is a validation part. this is the advantage in this.

  11. this is very useful for me. i dont first what is winrunner but after i gone thru this site, i got so much idea..

    Thanks lot.

  12. hi friends am in a small company . they have started the company recently i am the only tester .Am new to testing. They have a plan to do dynamic website(job site , hotel reservation ) . they asked me to do automation . which tool is better(they asked me to do with winrunner) and please give me manual for that too and guide me to test database with the same…

  13. Can any one explain me how to get values from excel worksheet 2,3. I mean to say by default it will take first worksheet values. i have one scenario where i have to pass values from two work sheets.

  14. Given questions are good to understand and helping to get familiar wit the the interview questions. Giving more questions would really make sense here…

  15. The question given here is excellent…
    i just revised this question and i m going to exam… thanx… thnx a lot for this effort..

    All freshers its very important and is very easily given… just have one look… it is very helpful ….
    Bhushan R. S

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