Interview Questions of Software Testing

What’s the Software Testing?

A set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software.

What’s the Test Plan?

A high level of documents that define the software testing project.

What’s the Test Case?

A set of test inputs, execution, and expected result developed for a particular objective.

What’s the Test Log?

A chronological record of all relevant details about the execution of a test.

What’s the Test Data?

The actual values used in the test or that are necessary to execute the test.

What’s the Database testing?

In database testing, we can check the integrity of database field values.

What’s the Defect?

The difference between the functional specification and actual program text. Continue reading “Interview Questions of Software Testing”

Interview Questions of QTP

Full form of QTP?

Quick Test Professional

What’s the QTP?
QTP is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.

What’s the basic concept of QTP?
QTP is based on two concept-

  • Recording
  • Playback

Which scripting language used by QTP?
QTP using VB scripting.

How many types of recording facility are available in QTP?
QTP provides three types of recording methods-

  • Context Recording (Normal)
  • Analog Recording
  • Low Level Recording

How many types of Parameters are available in QTP?
QTP provides three types of Parameter-

  • Method Argument
  • Data Driven
  • Dynamic

What’s the QTP testing process?
QTP testing process consist of seven steps-

  • Preparing to recoding
  • Recording
  • Enhancing your script
  • Debugging
  • Run
  • Analyze

Interview Questions of Bugzilla

What is Bugzilla?

Bugzilla is a bug tracking system developed at

How do enter a bug in Bugzilla?

To enter a bug, through "Enter a new bug" link from the main Bugzilla page. This will take you to a product selection screen.

What happens once enter a bug?

After you enter a bug, mail is sent both to you and the QA department. A member of the QA department will verify that they can reproduce your bug.

How do search a bug?

To search a bug, through "Query" link from the main Bugzilla page.

How do submit a patch?

The new Bugzilla system supports the attachment of patches, test cases, and various other forms of file types directly from the bug report screen. Just click on "Create an attachment"

Are cookies required in Bugzilla?

Yes. Continue reading “Interview Questions of Bugzilla”

Interview Questions of LoadRunner

What’s the LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is Mercury Interactive Load Testing tool.

What’s the LoadRunner Components?

LoadRunner have the five components-

  • Vuser Generator
  • Controller
  • Load Generator
  • Luncher
  • Analysis

What’s the Vuser Generator?

It captures the end user processes and generated the automated performance testing script.

What’s the Controller?

It organize, drive, manage, and monitor the load test.

What’s the Load Generator?

It generates the load by running the vusers.

What’s the Luncher?

It provides single point of access for all load runner components.

What’s the Analysis?

It helps you to view and analyze the performance results.

What’s the Scenario?

Scenario is a file that contains the events that occurs during each testing sessions.

What’s the Vuser?

In Scenario, LoadRunner replaces human user with Virtual User or Vuser. Vuser emulates the human action working with your application. Continue reading “Interview Questions of LoadRunner”

Interview Questions of WinRunner

What’s the WinRunner?

WinRunner is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.

How many types of Run Modes are available in WinRunner?

WinRunner provide three types of Run Modes.

  • Verify Mode
  • Debug Mode
  • Update Mode

What’s the Verify Mode?

In Verify Mode, WinRunner compare the current result of application to it’s expected result.

What’s the Debug Mode?

In Debug Mode, WinRunner track the defects in a test script.

What’s the Update Mode?

In Update Mode, WinRunner update the expected results of test script.

How many types of recording modes available in WinRunner?

WinRunner provides two types of Recording Mode?

  • Context Sensitive
  • Analog

What’s the Context Sensitive recording?

WinRunner captures and records the GUI objects, windows, keyboard inputs, and mouse click activities through Context Sensitive Recording.

What’s the Analog recording?

It captures and records the keyboard inputs, mouse click and mouse movement. It’s not captures the GUI objects and Windows.

Where are stored Debug Result?

Debug Results are always saved in debug folder.

What’s WinRunner testing process?

WinRunner involves six main steps in testing process.

  • Create GUI map
  • Create Test
  • Debug Test
  • Run Test
  • View Results
  • Report Defects

What’s the GUI SPY?

You can view the physical properties of objects and windows through GUI SPY. Continue reading “Interview Questions of WinRunner”

What’s the Test Bed?

In every developments required some specific types of environment like when you develop any software than you need to different types of development tools and hardware requirements. Similarly when you want to test any application then you need to have specific types of configuration, settings and tools which help in finding the error and defects in application. In other words, you can say, you create one test bed. Test Bed is nothing but an environment that contains different types of hardware configuration, softwares, instrumentation, simulator, testing tools and other types of elements which are used to conduct a test. Test Bed is very popular term in software testing.