Initially in software development, Testing phase comes after coding but nowadays software testing is very crucial and involves in all phases of software development life cycle. In all types of developments one thing is very important and useful for future prospects and opportunities that is Documentation. Documentation is noting but written material about your developments. Documentation is required in all fields and every fields have specific types of documents. Software development also have some specific documents like- Sales Documentation, Software Development Documentation, Software Testing Documentation and etc. Here I'm going to talk about Software Testing Documentation. Testing Documentation is nothing but it is sum of one or more different types of documents. Software Testing Documentation may consist of the following documents like Test Plan Documents, Use Case Specification, Test Case Specification, Test Log, and Test Procedure etc.

In Software Testing, Test Plan is first document developed for testing. Test Plan Document is created by Quality Analysis guy's. Test Plan is a high level document that describes the software testing projects. It has the different types of section which describes the application testing information like-

Schedule and Milestones

Resources Requirements

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Testing Tools




Test Approach

Feature Not To Be Tested

Test Deliverable

Dependencies and Risk

In Schedule and Milestones section you can describes the timeliness for each and every module whatever takes place in testing activities. Second thing in Test Plan is Resources Requirements. In this section you can defines different types of Hardware, Software and Testing Tools which are used to conduct testing. In Staffing and Responsibilities section you can assign the work and responsibilities to different team members. Training is the educational part of Test Plan documents because in this section you can define the information about training which is related to requirement, environment, and testing tools etc. The main section of Test Plan is Test Approach because in this section you can define your objectives meaning, what feature you will test in near future. In Test Deliverable section you can describe the information about Use Cases and Test Cases documentation. Dependencies and Risk are main factors of any software application because here you can define the dependencies and risks of application. Risk is noting but it defines where your application may break and what condition makes the effect on application. So this is the test plan information.

Use Case document is the second important documents for software testing. This is the technique capturing the requirements of new software application. Each Use Case documents provides one or more aspects that convey how the system should interact with the end user or another system. Use Case documents have also different types of sections like- Summary, Priority, Use Frequency, Direct Actor, Precondition, Main Success Scenario, Alternative Scenario, and Notes and Questions.

In Summary section simply you can describes the requirement of particular application and after that define the priority of that requirement. In Use Frequency section you can describe that how many times that requirements is going on? Direct Actor section defines that who will perform the that requirement. A Precondition section is used to convey any conditions that must be true and when a user initiates a use case. Main Success Scenario and Alternative Scenario describes the activities which you will perform in near future with the application or Notes and Questions section defines the doubt and additional information about the application.

Test Case is set of inputs, execution, and expected result that are developed for particular objective. Test Cases are created by Test Engineer and it's totally based on use case documents. It also contains the different sections which describes the information about Test. Test Case document describes the purpose of the test and precondition of test. It also defines the test data and test steps of the test. Test Data is nothing but it's actual values used in the test or that are necessary to execute the test. This documents also contain the Notes and Questions section.

Test log is chronological document describes all the related information about the execution of the test.

Test Procedure documents provides the detailed instructions for the manual execution of one or more test cases.


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