bugzilla1.jpgOne test engineer operates different types of tools. Bugzilla is the main tool which any tester operates it. Bugzilla is the database of bugs. In English word bug means insect but this is very different from that bug. In IT, Bugs is the kinds of faults and errors which are occurs in any software program. Bugzilla is the defect tracking system. It can handle the communication with your developer and QA colleagues. Bugzilla can help on the software development process because every successful software program often are the result of successful organization and communication. It is a great tool that will help your team get organized and communicate effectively. You can integrate the Bugzilla tool with your mail server. Bugzilla functionality is very simple that whenever you find any defect and error in software program, you can simply open Bugzilla in browser and put the details of bugs. Bugzilla tool have different types of fields like Component, Platform, OS, Priority, Severity, Assigned To, URL, Summary, and Description. Bugzilla fields are provides meaningful understanding about any bug. Bugzilla has on search option through which you can search any bug.


3 thoughts on “Bugzilla

  1. hi, i am sudheer kumar. i am working as test engg in jvh sol pvt Ltd.i saw u r details of answers.i want BUGZILLA back up.plz send to me .Also iwant user guidens.plz send to me.

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