My company is working on Open Source technology. So whenever I’m talking to anybody about my company then they always asked me, that how your company generates revenue? Because in open source every software is distributed absolutely free and I always answer them like this that if you have patience and mind then you earn a lot. Every company has it own pros and cons, here I’m not going to discuss about that. I’m just appreciating my CTO views because when he came last time in India office he started one new thing and given the name 3:30@LAB. In 3:30@LAB, we organized seminar on any technology terms. So today one of my colleague took the session on the KERBEROS term. The name Kerberos comes from Greek mythology, Kerberos word means three-headed dog. This protocol is freely available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol. It is providing strong authentication for client/server applications. It’s providing this thing with the help of secret key cryptography. Cryptography is a field of computer science concerned with network security and related issues, particularly encryption, decryption, and authentication. He also explained about the encryption, decryption, and authentication. Encryption is the process of secure information to make it unreadable without special knowledge. Actually when you send any information through network then that information goes to coded form so this coded form is called as encryption of data and the process of decoding data that has been encrypted into a secret format is called as Decryption. He also explained about authentication process that this is the process of identifying an individual user, which is based on a username and password. In security systems, authentication is distinct from authorization, which is the process of giving individually access to system objects based on their identity. He also explained about the Kerberos architecture that it’s working from three sides- Client system, Application server, and Kerberos server. According to working nature of kerberos, MIT given the name as three headed dog.


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  1. The actual word for three headed dog is "Cerberus". Tom Yu from MIT says
    "Cerberus" is the Latin spelling of the Greek "Kerberos", and according to the OED is pronounced like "serberus", but that is quite at odds with the Greek, as the initial consonant is a "k". MIT Project Athena chose to use the Greek spelling and pronunciation.
    For the rest, coded form of a document is known as "Ciphertext", and the technique of coding is known as encryption.

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