Software testing is a complex process involving the development and execution of thousands of test. Tests are required multiple hardware platforms, multiple configuration, and software versions. Test Director is a Mercury Interactive testing management tool. Test Director simplifies and organizes the test management by giving systematic control over the testing process. It maintain a project database of test that cover all aspects of application functionality. Every test in particular project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirements of application. Test Director provide an efficient methods for scheduling and executing test sets, collecting test result, and analyze the data. Test Director also provide a sophisticated system for tracking software defects. It's enabling you to monitor defects closely from initial detection. Test Director is also provide that, you can connect the Test Director to with your email system, after that defect tracking information can be shared by all software development guy's, quality assurance guy's, and clients. As I told earlier that Test Director is the Test Management tool. It contains all aspects of testing . Test Director manage the both type of testing- Manual and Automate. Test Management with Test Director involves four phase-

  • Specify Requirements
  • Plan Test
  • Execute Test
  • Track Defects

These phases are applicable for both type of testing.


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    Testing Activities in Each Phase

    The following testing activities should be performed during the phases:

    Requirements Analysis

    – Determine correctness
    – Generate functional test data.


    – Determine correctness and consistency
    – Generate structural and functional test data.


    – Determine correctness and consistency
    – Generate structural and functional test data
    – Apply test data
    – Refine test data

    Operation and Maintenance

    – Retest

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