Batch testing is the process of automated testing. It is giving big impact on the automated testing because when you want to revised your application and want to run your old test scripts on the revised product. So whenever you want this type of functionality then you can perform batch testing. In batch testing you can simple use “Call” function.


Call “write the path of old test script”

After putting this syntax in new file simply click the run link and get result about the revised application.


2 thoughts on “Batch Testing

  1. Hey Mayank,
    Could you give me a little more detail as to what exactly is batch testing, when , why adn how you perform the test. It would be great if you could provide me an example for the same.


  2. Batch testing means during execution we have to make a
    dependent test cases as a batches.
    ex; 1. insertion of atmcard
    2. entering the pin number
    here if we insert atmcard then only it will ask the pin
    number. after enterin the pin number only it will ask
    whether u want to withdrawl, balance enquiry etc.
    then only it will ask from wher i mean from c/ac or saving.
    then it will ask how much u want
    if u observe here each and every test case is depending on
    the previous test case.
    therefore group all these test cases as a batch.
    and execution of this batch i mean this dependent test
    cases is called batch testing.

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