Checkpoint is the main function for QTP and WinRunner. Checkpoint is a point in the recorded script where any testing tools verify the properties of objects and windows.

Checkpoint have two values-

Expected Value- Which are provided by clients.

Actual Value- Which are provided by programmers and developers.

Testing tools have used different types of checkpoints but today I’m going to discuss about GUI and Bitmap checkpoints. These are very important checkpoints for any testing tools.

GUI Checkpoint-

You can check GUI object properties through GUI checkpoints. A GUI checkpoint examines the behavior of an objects properties.

GUI checkpoint have three types of checkpoints-

  • For Single Properties
  • For Object/Window
  • For Multiple Object

Through Single Properties checkpoint, you can check only one objects and only one property of object while you can check multiple properties of single object through Object/Window checkpoint. When you want to check multiple properties and multiple objects then you can select third option, I mean “For Multiple Object” checkpoint.

Bitmap Checkpoint-

As a name, Bitmap checkpoint checks the behavior of images, drawings, and graphs. If your application is contains bitmap area such as drawings and graphs, you can check these areas and graphs through a Bitmap Checkpoint. A Bitmap Checkpoint compares captured bitmap image pixel by pixel.

In Bitmap checkpoint have two types of checkpoints-

  • For Object/Window
  • For Screen Area

You can check whole image and graph through “For Object/Window” bitmap checkpoints but when you want to check only doubtful area in captured image and graph then you can prefer second option.


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  1. i am fresher for this software field
    i am doing testing course rightnow, will you pls tell me which testing tool(winrunner or QTP) is important/

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