WinRunner and QTP are the functional testing tools. In WinRunner and QTP have the different types of functionality which thorough them performs different types of work in automated testing. Today I’m going to describe about the Recording and Playback methods.

Any testing tools have the two basic things-

  • Record
  • Playback.

Record is the process of captured your activities which you have performed and want to test and Playback is the process of running the recorded script through testing tools.

In WinRunner and QTP have the two types of recording modes-

  • Context Sensitive
  • Analog mode

Context Sensitive:

When you want to perform a context recording on your applications then you should remember that context recording mode records your operations only in terms of GUI objects you click as Window, Menu, List or Button and the type of operations like Press, Enables, Move or Select. Through Context Sensitive, you can’t records the mouse movements.

Analog Mode:

In Analog mode, QTP and WinRunner records the exact path traveled by the mouse, as well as mouse clicks and keyboard inputs. In simple words you can say that it captures only mouse movements. It also takes the keyboard inputs.


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