Test Case is playing important role in software testing field. It’s a testing document. Software tester tests the software according to Test Cases because it contains set of conditions and requirements under which a tester will test the application functionality. Test Case is developed by the Test Engineer because he has the sense about Known Input and Expected Result. Test Case contains is totally based on Use Cases documents because all things are related to requirements. When you have collection of test case then you can called Test Suite. The Test Case documents contain the following information- Purpose, Pre-requirements, Test Data, Steps, and Notes and Questions.


2 thoughts on “Test Case

  1. I need a brief introduction about the boundary testing.

    What all are the necessary steps for writing the test cases.

    How can we understand that how to develop the test cases with out the knowledge of any functional specification document or any KT or any senior person,

    If we need to do everything on our own how to proceed with the test scenario’s..

    For eg: for account number how many test cases we can write..

    What are the basic questions they will ask if we need to perform the role of tester individually.

    How to run the SQL query regarding the testing, I need one example for that.

    What are all the major and minor steps required for manual testing.

    More than this if any thing is there also you can tell me in detail.

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