Software Testing is a big deal for software development because software functionality is based on testing or quality. Testing is the process to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed products. Software testing is performed in two ways, Automated and Manual. Manual Testing is first steps of software testing because it generate a feel about the software quality. Automated testing is easier way for software testing, but all testing goals are not archived with it. If you have sense about manual testing then you can perform good automated testing. In manual testing all activities and all steps are performed manually. You just check the product according to manually generated test case. In manual testing all thing is done sequentially.

Seven steps of Manual Testing-

Requirement Analysis– In this phase tester should begin the test after studying the product requirement.

Design Analysis- In this phase first time tester starts the work with developers and determine the aspects of testing that what to test and what not.

Test Planning- Test Planning phase is related to creating testing strategy, how you will perform your test over the product.

Test Development- In this phase tester creates the Test Cases.

Test Execution- In this phase tester can start the testing over the product.

Test Reporting- If you got any error and fault then you can report this bug to developers.

Retesting the defects- After solve the defects tester can test the reported bugs.

Manual testing have some advantage or disadvantage of testing.


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  2. Hi,

    I continue your article, i think it will be very useful to you.

    It involves testing of all the functions performed by the people while preparing the data and using these data from automated system.


    * Verify manual support documents and procedures are correct.
    * Determine Manual support responsibility is correct.
    * Determine Manual support people are adequately trained.
    * Determine Manual support and automated segment are properly interfaced.

    How to Use?

    How to Use:
    * Process evaluated in all segments of SDLC.
    * Execution of the can be done in conjunction with normal system testing.
    * Instead of preparing, execution and entering actual test transactions the clerical and supervisory personnel can use the results of processing from application system.
    * To test people it requires testing the interface between the people and application system.

    When to Use:

    * Verification that manual systems function properly should be conducted throughout the SDLC.
    * Should not be done at later stages of SDLC.
    * Best done at installation stage so that the clerical people do not get used to the actual system just before system goes to production.


    * Provide input personnel with the type of information they would normally receive from their customers and then have them transcribe that information and enter it in the computer.

    * Users can be provided a series of test conditions and then asked to respond to those conditions. Conducted in this manner, manual support testing is like an examination in which the users are asked to obtain the answer from the procedures and manuals available to them.

    you can get more artilces relaed this from

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