Hi Everybody,

Today I have come with short discussion about Software Automation Testing. This is my first blog on the Automation Testing and it’s very great time for me that I’m blogging over the Quality Analysis. Software Automation Testing is not a big thing it’s also part of software testing because it’s just automate the human activities and function. Software testing is very crucial part of software engineering and QA because if you develop any software and project then you want that your written code should be working fine and when you have this type of expectation then you want to test your written program. So this is mother land of Testing. Human Testing is very tedious work apart from automation testing and requires large number of human resourses. The usefull part of automation testing is that, it’s very fast, reliable, and have reusability of testing.

Hey Guy’s now I’m stop my discussion over here and I’ll come with further discussion and topics.


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