Manual and Automated Testing with Test Director

Software testing is a complex process involving the development and execution of thousands of test. Tests are required multiple hardware platforms, multiple configuration, and software versions. Test Director is a Mercury Interactive testing management tool. Test Director simplifies and organizes the test management by giving systematic control over the testing process. It maintain a projectContinue reading “Manual and Automated Testing with Test Director”


Parameterization term is very popular in automated testing. Parameterization is the process of passing the different and huge data to the variable from different location. It is using for reusability of test script. Parameterization means is pass multiple values in application for checking the behavior of the application. It’s very useful where required large andContinue reading “Parameterization”

Recording methods in WinRunner and QTP

WinRunner and QTP are the functional testing tools. In WinRunner and QTP have the different types of functionality which thorough them performs different types of work in automated testing. Today I’m going to describe about the Recording and Playback methods. Any testing tools have the two basic things- Record Playback. Record is the process ofContinue reading “Recording methods in WinRunner and QTP”

Manual Testing

Software Testing is a big deal for software development because software functionality is based on testing or quality. Testing is the process to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed products. Software testing is performed in two ways, Automated and Manual. Manual Testing is first steps of software testing because it generate a feelContinue reading “Manual Testing”

Some Basic Thing In Testing

I have performed both Manual and Automated testing and found some basic thing in Test Case. Test Case is nothing but it shows your defined activities and steps which you will perform in your testing. In Manual testing test case is written manually but in automation testing it is generated by testing tools and isContinue reading “Some Basic Thing In Testing”

Automation Testing

Hi Everybody, Today I have come with short discussion about Software Automation Testing. This is my first blog on the Automation Testing and it’s very great time for me that I’m blogging over the Quality Analysis. Software Automation Testing is not a big thing it’s also part of software testing because it’s just automate theContinue reading “Automation Testing”