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Toady I was busy with my work but that time I have received one mail in my mail account that mail is related to my friend. He has attached the some picture along with the mail. When I saw that picture then I was shocked that how it works. If you want to know that what was there? Please go through this blog.

Picture Play With Your Mind


Count the legs of this Elephant


Count the black donts


What is that? A Rabbit….Or A Duck?



Manual and Automated Testing with Test Director

Software testing is a complex process involving the development and execution of thousands of test. Tests are required multiple hardware platforms, multiple configuration, and software versions. Test Director is a Mercury Interactive testing management tool. Test Director simplifies and organizes the test management by giving systematic control over the testing process. It maintain a project database of test that cover all aspects of application functionality. Every test in particular project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirements of application. Test Director provide an efficient methods for scheduling and executing test sets, collecting test result, and analyze the data. Test Director also provide a sophisticated system for tracking software defects. It's enabling you to monitor defects closely from initial detection. Test Director is also provide that, you can connect the Test Director to with your email system, after that defect tracking information can be shared by all software development guy's, quality assurance guy's, and clients. As I told earlier that Test Director is the Test Management tool. It contains all aspects of testing . Test Director manage the both type of testing- Manual and Automate. Test Management with Test Director involves four phase-

  • Specify Requirements
  • Plan Test
  • Execute Test
  • Track Defects

These phases are applicable for both type of testing.


Parameterization term is very popular in automated testing. Parameterization is the process of passing the different and huge data to the variable from different location. It is using for reusability of test script. Parameterization means is pass multiple values in application for checking the behavior of the application. It’s very useful where required large and different types of data. Assume that you are testing login window and want to different types of email id and password, so for this type of requirements you can use Parameterization.

Batch Testing

Batch testing is the process of automated testing. It is giving big impact on the automated testing because when you want to revised your application and want to run your old test scripts on the revised product. So whenever you want this type of functionality then you can perform batch testing. In batch testing you can simple use “Call” function.


Call “write the path of old test script”

After putting this syntax in new file simply click the run link and get result about the revised application.


Checkpoint is the main function for QTP and WinRunner. Checkpoint is a point in the recorded script where any testing tools verify the properties of objects and windows.

Checkpoint have two values-

Expected Value- Which are provided by clients.

Actual Value- Which are provided by programmers and developers.

Testing tools have used different types of checkpoints but today I’m going to discuss about GUI and Bitmap checkpoints. These are very important checkpoints for any testing tools.

GUI Checkpoint-

You can check GUI object properties through GUI checkpoints. A GUI checkpoint examines the behavior of an objects properties.

GUI checkpoint have three types of checkpoints-

  • For Single Properties
  • For Object/Window
  • For Multiple Object

Through Single Properties checkpoint, you can check only one objects and only one property of object while you can check multiple properties of single object through Object/Window checkpoint. When you want to check multiple properties and multiple objects then you can select third option, I mean “For Multiple Object” checkpoint.

Bitmap Checkpoint-

As a name, Bitmap checkpoint checks the behavior of images, drawings, and graphs. If your application is contains bitmap area such as drawings and graphs, you can check these areas and graphs through a Bitmap Checkpoint. A Bitmap Checkpoint compares captured bitmap image pixel by pixel.

In Bitmap checkpoint have two types of checkpoints-

  • For Object/Window
  • For Screen Area

You can check whole image and graph through “For Object/Window” bitmap checkpoints but when you want to check only doubtful area in captured image and graph then you can prefer second option.

Recording methods in WinRunner and QTP

WinRunner and QTP are the functional testing tools. In WinRunner and QTP have the different types of functionality which thorough them performs different types of work in automated testing. Today I’m going to describe about the Recording and Playback methods.

Any testing tools have the two basic things-

  • Record
  • Playback.

Record is the process of captured your activities which you have performed and want to test and Playback is the process of running the recorded script through testing tools.

In WinRunner and QTP have the two types of recording modes-

  • Context Sensitive
  • Analog mode

Context Sensitive:

When you want to perform a context recording on your applications then you should remember that context recording mode records your operations only in terms of GUI objects you click as Window, Menu, List or Button and the type of operations like Press, Enables, Move or Select. Through Context Sensitive, you can’t records the mouse movements.

Analog Mode:

In Analog mode, QTP and WinRunner records the exact path traveled by the mouse, as well as mouse clicks and keyboard inputs. In simple words you can say that it captures only mouse movements. It also takes the keyboard inputs.

Test Case

Test Case is playing important role in software testing field. It’s a testing document. Software tester tests the software according to Test Cases because it contains set of conditions and requirements under which a tester will test the application functionality. Test Case is developed by the Test Engineer because he has the sense about Known Input and Expected Result. Test Case contains is totally based on Use Cases documents because all things are related to requirements. When you have collection of test case then you can called Test Suite. The Test Case documents contain the following information- Purpose, Pre-requirements, Test Data, Steps, and Notes and Questions.

Manual Testing

Software Testing is a big deal for software development because software functionality is based on testing or quality. Testing is the process to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed products. Software testing is performed in two ways, Automated and Manual. Manual Testing is first steps of software testing because it generate a feel about the software quality. Automated testing is easier way for software testing, but all testing goals are not archived with it. If you have sense about manual testing then you can perform good automated testing. In manual testing all activities and all steps are performed manually. You just check the product according to manually generated test case. In manual testing all thing is done sequentially.

Seven steps of Manual Testing-

Requirement Analysis– In this phase tester should begin the test after studying the product requirement.

Design Analysis- In this phase first time tester starts the work with developers and determine the aspects of testing that what to test and what not.

Test Planning- Test Planning phase is related to creating testing strategy, how you will perform your test over the product.

Test Development- In this phase tester creates the Test Cases.

Test Execution- In this phase tester can start the testing over the product.

Test Reporting- If you got any error and fault then you can report this bug to developers.

Retesting the defects- After solve the defects tester can test the reported bugs.

Manual testing have some advantage or disadvantage of testing.

Some Basic Thing In Testing

I have performed both Manual and Automated testing and found some basic thing in Test Case. Test Case is nothing but it shows your defined activities and steps which you will perform in your testing. In Manual testing test case is written manually but in automation testing it is generated by testing tools and is known as Test Script. Test Case and Test Script both are same because both of them perform same activities but has only one difference that test case is written in simple sentences and test script is generated in form script. Script is light weight programming language.

Automation Testing

Hi Everybody,

Today I have come with short discussion about Software Automation Testing. This is my first blog on the Automation Testing and it’s very great time for me that I’m blogging over the Quality Analysis. Software Automation Testing is not a big thing it’s also part of software testing because it’s just automate the human activities and function. Software testing is very crucial part of software engineering and QA because if you develop any software and project then you want that your written code should be working fine and when you have this type of expectation then you want to test your written program. So this is mother land of Testing. Human Testing is very tedious work apart from automation testing and requires large number of human resourses. The usefull part of automation testing is that, it’s very fast, reliable, and have reusability of testing.

Hey Guy’s now I’m stop my discussion over here and I’ll come with further discussion and topics.